H3/H3T Front Skid…

Replacement for the front skid plate on 2006 to 2007 models. Also an alternative for back-dating 2008-2010 models to early style skid plates (required for most aftermarket bumpers).

  • laser cut from 0.19″ thick aluminum
  • fits stock 06-07 GM bumpers
  • fits Boulder Accesories bumpers
  • fits THORparts bumpers
  • fits Predator bumpers
  • fits DOI bumpers
  • fits T-bar cranked H3s
  • fits Rancho and TC lifted H3s
  • made in USA

Its a simplified and shortened version of the original GM 06-07 front skid. The open-ended design allows easy access to powerwash the goo off the top of it without removing the skid. So if you’re having no luck finding a first design GM skid plate, or you don ‘t want cut & bend yours to fit your aftermarket bumper…this is the cure.