THORparts is dedicated to producing and selling only the highest quality off-road parts.  There is no chrome, no fancy marketing, no Facebook, no Twitter, no flashy website, no extra fluff.  Every part we make adheres to a strict “no bull” design policy.  This minimalist approach reduces weight, cost, and maximizes the function of each part.  Around here, simple is better.

THORparts is all about grass-roots product development.  Not only is everyone involved a huge Hummer fan…they are also Hummer owners…and off-roaders!  We depend on customer feedback and pride ourselves in being out among the trails and mudholes.  If you have an idea for a part…please shoot us an email.  We have many parts in development and we have recently discontinued several parts that weren’t cutting the mustard.  The line-up is always changing…and always for the better.

All THORparts are made in the USA, by US workers, from US steel.